How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Steve Desrochers and Andréa Paula Alves Dias

Brazil to Canada




Mexico City (Mexico)

Travelled on

December 11, 2020

  No Covid test required  
  Mandatory quarantine  
  Proof of relationship     Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)     Health Insurance     Return flight ticket     Invitation letter     Authorization and statutory declaration (imm0006)     Copy or partner's Canadian passport     Work proof     Filled the ArriveCAN app     Travel exemption form  


Reunited after 279 days (9 months and 4 days)

Recife --> São Paulo --> Mexico City --> Montréal

Recife: In Recife the main problem was that the guy of the plane company was arguing that my grilfriend needed Negative PCR test for entering in Canada. They quickly checked if the rest of the documents were fine. He went to verify the information and it took 40 minutes.

São Paulo: There, they really check all documents to be sure that all was right to go to Canada, it took nearly 1h00 and they send photos of the document to the immigration of Canada and they called immigration for verified that the family reunification document was a real one. My girlfriend nearly missed her plane because of that: she was the last to enter in the plane. They said to her that if they don't verify things well and let pass someone that shouldn't, Canada will give them a big big fine to pay $$$.

Mexico City: In Mexico was the worst step of all the travel. First they lost her luggage saying that it was not in the system. When they done the verification of the their documents, they said that she cannot travel because the authorization wasn't valid. My girlfriend that she wasn't aware of the laws and was with few experience. The plane company employee said that she need to write back to the email address where the immigration authorization is originating to ask them to send the original again and that it could take 5 days and that she must stay in Mexico until having that response. My girlfriend was crying, shaking and angry (but not impolite, just firm) so she asked to talk to her supervisor and has to wait 20 minutes. When she arrived, she send her to see another employee. That employee finally called the immigration to confirm that her authorization was fine, she finally find her luggage too and give her an OK to be able to take her plane. It took at least 1h00 in total.

Montréal: This was the best step of the travel, it was calm, the agent asked her: authorization, photos of us, work proof and for which company, return tickets, health insurance, ArriveCAN. It took 15 minutes.

Now we can rest and try to relax of all that...

- Even if you have plenty of time between flights, better be there really sooner because if things like that occurs to you, you have time to resolve it and not miss your flight
- Stay calm even when there's problem, stay firm
- Better having more documents / proofs than the minimum: in each airport they did different verifications, asking different things and they have to call the immigration to check the validity of your authorization.
- Classify well your documents / proofs: better having first the documents that you are sure that they will ask authorization, relationship declaration, photocopy of the Canadian passport) and the rest after. Be organized.

Steve Desrochers and Andréa Paula Alves Dias