How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Robbie and Sarolta

United States of America (Arkansas) to Austria


Third Country ?


City, Country

Travelled on

December 16, 2020

  Covid test required  
  No mandatory quarantine  
  Proof of relationship     Invitation letter     Proof of residence     Flight tickets  

We met online in February of 2020, and discovered the #LoveisnotTourism movement in October, started doing our research into the possibility of my travel from the US to Austria. When she contacted the Social Ministry, she was given conflicting information. I also contacted the Austrian Consulate, following that information and what we had heard from other couples we arranged for my travel to her from 17 December to 02 January.

Robbie and Sarolta