How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Olhy and Alex

Philippines to Maldives


Third Country ?


Dubai, UAE

Travelled on

October 24, 2020

  Covid test required  
  No mandatory quarantine  
  Proof of relationship     Proof of accommodation     Return flight ticket     Pictures of us  

Since inbound travel for foreigners is still not allowed here in Philippines, we have decided to travel to Maldives which is one of the first countries to open for tourist. Also it is easy for me since I do not need to apply for a visa to Maldives. Maldives requires you to have a negative PCR test valid for 96 hours before arrival there, so I took mine 48 hours before just to be safe.

Leaving Philippines a long process; the first immigration officer asked a series of question like, how we met and if we met already before that trip, who paid for my travels, how long are we going to stay there. However, he sent me to another immigration officer to be further interviewed and took my boarding pass. Second immigration officer: at first, the questions he asked is the same with the first immigration officer, then he asked more questions; what's my job, where do I work, is it okay for my boss for me to leave for work. Then I was all good!

I went back to first immigration officer to get my boarding pass. After 9hrs flight, I arrived in Dubai for our connecting flight to Malé. He waited for me at the gate. I was so happy and excited to meet my partner again. We got reunited after 322 days! Every went smoothly after that, 5hrs of layover then fly to Malé. We arrived there and spent 1 night at a hotel in Malé before our flight next day to Maafaru and a speed boat ride to our island destination, Fodhdhoo.

All the efforts and time spent in travel are WORTH IT!

Olhy and Alex