How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Monica and Andrzej

Brazil to Poland


Third Country ?


London, UK

Travelled on

November 18, 2020

  Covid test required  
  No mandatory quarantine  
  Proof of relationship     UK passenger locator form     Flight tickets     Questions about employment     Invitation Letter     Official document from the voivodeship     Authorization from the Polish Border Guard     Authorization from the Consulate in Brazil     Copy of partner's passport  

We are together since July, 2019 and we hadn’t seen each other since January 2020 - his trip to Brazil was canceled and so was our vacation together to Peru.
In August we started to figure out what would be necessary for me to come to Poland, since I can work remotely for a longer time, and only now, after gathering documents and the main thing: courage, here I am!

I flew São Paulo - London with Latam Airlines and it was everything okay: in Guarulhos airport I was only asked for the return ticket and the British locator form. The passport control officer in London asked me for their form, the next day’s ticket to Poland (in the form I filled out that I would spend only one night in a hotel) and they asked me about my job and salary (!!!) even though I wouldn’t stay in UK.

The next day I returned to Heathrow to board to Warsaw with Lot Airlines. And there I had all the possible issues, because the Heathrow team seemed very lost and apparently they didn't have any info about "flying to Poland via another EU country with a border guard authorization". My authorization said that as long as the connecting country accepted my entry, and the UK continues accepting Brazilians, I would have no problems getting to Poland. Also, the email said this connection would be valid till December 31, 2020 before Brexit comes into effect.

Well, after two people at Heathrow having denied me boarding and looooots of patience, and I was pretty sure of the content of my documents, I asked to speak to the supervisor. She called WAW in front of me, and after that they asked her to email a copy of all my documents. Almost half an hour later they sent her a confirmation that I was indeed allowed to board.
This entire process of checking in at LRH took almost 2 hours, so I'm glad I arrived there early enough.
When arriving in Warsaw, the border officer just asked if it was a connection or if I would stay there, and I answered that I was going to my boyfriend's city, and she asked if it was my first time in Poland, and I said no (because I’ve been here before). She stamped my passport and wished me a good stay, simple like that.

Conclusion: entering UK was easy, even though they were in a lockdown... it was difficult to leave UK! Heathrow employees are extremely confused and that is why I tell you: wherever your connection is, be sure to have all possible documents in hand, and insist that they read and confirm your authorizations!

My boyfriend and I are reunited in Poland since Nov 20 (today is Dec 2) and I couldn’t be happier :)

Monica and Andrzej