How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Melanie and Joel

France to South Africa


Third Country ?


City, Country

Travelled on

October 25, 2020

  Covid test required  
  No mandatory quarantine  
  Work Visa  

I was supposed to definitely move to South Africa in May 2020 for work reason, and by this way joining my boyfriend. We had not seen each other since June 2019 and were so excited about our new life together in the same country. But borders closure and lockdowns in France and SA stopped all our plans. Mid-October I heard about Laissez Passer procedure from France and we were planning to apply for it. But few days later we heard that SA borders were open for work visa holders from France, so I went in SA few days later for a month. Unfortunately I had to go back to France for work reason, so we decided to apply for the Laissez Passer in order to spend Christmas and New Years Eve together in France. Today we are still waiting for a reply from French embassy, our first application received no answer so we just submitted another request for January. We are a bit losing hope in Laissez Passer procedure, but keeping hope to see each other soon because if everything goes as planned I may be able to definitely move to SA in March or April thanks to my job. We keep fingers crossed, and this crisis made us learn that we must never put off until tomorrow things we could do today. We promised to not stay as long as we did far from each other, especially as we are now engaged since November ! Best wishes to all of you, and always keep hope.

Melanie and Joel