How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Leann and Romano

Italy to United States of America (Pennsylvania)


Third Country ?


City, Country

Travelled on

January 23, 2021

  Covid test required  
  No mandatory quarantine  
  Proof of relationship     ESTA     Copy of partner's passport     Copy of partner's driver's license     Marriage Certificate  

I am a American my husband an Italian. My husband and I married on January 19, 2021. We married through Utah County online via video conference. Well I am happy to announce that only 4 days later he is back here in America with me! He was in fact exempt from the travel ban. It is important to always talk with honesty and be sincere with the CBP officers. They asked why he doesn't go for his green card or B2 . They said he should since I am his wife. It was amazing. They were very kind to my husband.

Any questions I'd be happy to help!

Leann and Romano