How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Craig and Aoy

United Kingdom to Thailand




City, Country

Travelled on

September 6, 2020

  Covid test required  
  Mandatory quarantine  

After 340 days of waiting, I eventually identified that the Thailand “O-A” 1Yrear retirement Visa” was now being accepted by the Thai London Embassy. The reason for my contact today was not to show “couples reunited” (although we now are!) eg via your process but a) it ended up a success no matter what the process & b) I wanted to OFFER my services free of charge just in case I can help any of your members.

After 340 days, I consider myself an expert at the Thailand Visa Game. If I can help even just 1 person; happy to do so. I was going to post this on your FB sites, but I didn’t want it lost amongst hundreds. Perhaps you can either post it on my behalf, in the best place so people can see my email address ( or advise & I will post provided your fb/web allows posting of email addresses. Anyway; the offer is there! Think your organization is doing a wonderful thing. Craig

Craig and Aoy