How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Clementine and Eli

France to Turkey


Third Country ?


London, UK

Travelled on

August 8, 2020

  No Covid test required  
  No mandatory quarantine  

Eli is from the US, and I am from France. When Covid hit we were separated for 5 months before meeting up in a third country - Turkey! During those 5 months, we had been very hopeful for European/US borders to reopen and... well, we were way too optimistic! We chose Turkey because it seemed like an easy option to meet-up: borders were fully reopened and no quarantine was required. To avoid the risk of a flight cancellation with a direct flight from NY to Istanbul, Eli booked two separated tickets: one to go to London - where layovers are authorized - and then one to Istanbul on the same day. Both flights were confirmed, hooray! I met with Eli during his layover in London before flying together to wonderful Turkey, and it was just pure happiness after months of stress. We've been staying together since then (thanks to our flexible jobs), so it was all worth it!

Clementine and Eli