How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
These stories are individual experiences, not official guidelines

Ayla and Wolfger

Taiwan to Belgium


United Kingdom


City, Country

Travelled on

August 20, 2020

  No Covid test required  
  Mandatory quarantine  
  Proof of relationship  

I’m Taiwanese and he’s from Belgium. We haven’t met for 7months. We were lucky enough that when we managed to meet up, The UK is still opened, and everything was not that serious.. Although Belgium has the exemption for unmarried couples, at that time when I traveled, we didn’t meet the requirements yet. So we stayed in the UK for about two weeks until we’re one year, then I applied for the exemption. It was very smooth, and we entered through France! I stayed in Belgium for three months and currently I’m back to Taiwan. Before I came back, we were engaged, and we managed to see each other in April, and end the long distance relationship ❤️

Ayla and Wolfger