How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
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Angelika and Darío

United States of America (New York) to Poland





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  No Covid test required  
  No mandatory quarantine  

Success story! My boyfriend (Mexican 🇲🇽 ) made it to Poland 🇵🇱 from USA 🇺🇸 !
We flew together LA - > NY - > Dublin - > Łódź
Ireland since recently started letting tourists in, we had completely no problems in Dublin, my boyfriend just said that he is transferring later in the day for another flight (If you wish to stay it's possible but you have to restrict your movements for 14 days, yet you can leave the country any time), we just had to fill in locator form and he got an Irish stamp. We had no problems boarding for a flight to Poland, no one asked anything. As on the official page of polish government, there is no restrictions for anyone if traveling from EU country. On the airport in Łódź border guard saw stamp from Ireland from the same day and looked like he didn't like it, but he just asked what is the reason for travelling and if my bf had a return ticket. He said he came with me to spend Christmas here and that due to covid he doesn't have return ticket yet. After this guar was silent for like 5 minutes and we were getting a small heart attack but at the end he just put him a stamp and that was it 🎉

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