How can I reunite with my partner?

Here are successful stories from couples separated by travel bans
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Alexander and Valentina

United States of America (Missouri) to Croatia


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September 24, 2020

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COVID-19 Creates A Modern Day Romeo & Juliet

Travel restrictions have separated bi-national couples across the world for nearly a year now. Maybe it's the Italian girl, or their inability to meet due to circumstances out of their control, but this next couple's story sounds more like something out of a Shakespeare play than a long-distance fling.

Alexander & Valentina met at a bus stop in Croatia, the Summer of 2019. Upon first seeing her, Alexander instantly decided he was ready for marriage. Sitting down on the bus right in front of her, he began praying that God would send him the person he is supposed to marry, and soon. He hadn't even finished before the cute little Italian swooped around his seat and said 'hallooo'. From there the two flirted over Google Translate for the next three hours.

At the end of the bus ride to the coastal city of Split, Alexander asked Valentina to go to the beach with him before she flew back to home. She said no… Even though they kept in touch, Alexander assumed the feelings weren't mutual, so he decided to wait until his annual trip to Europe the following summer to try and meet again. He had no idea that a historic pandemic would change everything.

When borders began closing across the globe in response to COVID-19, the United States native told Valentina he cancelled his trip. Maybe it was the realization that she may not see him again, or possibly the apocalyptic-like environment, but in May of 2020 Valentina began opening up about her feelings for him.

Since Italians could not leave their country, Alexander decided he'd have to come to her. Over the coming months it was one set back after another. Every day brought new restrictions, changing travel policies, and cancelled flights. It all culminated in late August with Alexander being denied boarding for an obscure airline policy.

Weeks passed, finally Italy lifted restrictions so they planned to meet in Croatia, one of the few countries accepting foreigners at the time. By complete happenstance, or divine intervention- the two ended up reuniting at the same exact spot where they had first met one year earlier.

They spent over a month traveling throughout Bosnia/Hercegovina and up the Croatian coast. You can watch their highlight reel here:

The plan was for Valentina to come back to the United States. To ensure no hiccups this time, they called embassies, filled out documentation, and eventually she was cleared to enter the U.S. Finally Alexander could introduce her to his friends and family back home.

Yet on their final connection in Amsterdam, Valentina was told she could not board the plane. To this day they're unsure exactly why. Feeling helpless and defeated, Alexander promised they would see each other soon. And so, they departed to their own countries once again.

Months have passed, and while there's no end in sight for when the two can meet each other's family and friends back home, there is hope for the two romantics. Alexander & Valentina's next meetup is planned for April, to yet another country who's opened its boarders to foreigners, Costa Rica. Based on their last video, we can't wait to see what adventures they get into on this upcoming trip. And while the world has kept them apart, we think this love story won't end up a tragedy, rather an example of the power of faith and perseverance.

Alexander and Valentina